The Wonders of Life

Behold Us All

May 31st, 2014

After working weeks and weeks at a new warehouse job, which earns well but takes a toll on one’s body, I began to notice some serious tension and pain in some of my joints. Now I may have said that the job pays decently, I don’t have the sort of cash to afford any sort of respectable medical coverage; it’s this particular issue which inspired this written piece. After my friend, Bill, noticed me descending a set of steps with a great deal of pausing before each footfall, he recommended that I visit the thai massage Liverpool parlor he’d recently visited for his back.

After assuring me that the place was legit, with no “happy endings,” and I remarked that “Thai” is a proper noun, Bill drove me over. While it wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods, the muscular miracle that those girls performed made me feel like a million bucks.

May 22nd, 2014

Now your children will never utter these words because they don’t listen nor care what the parent just said either. However I work in customer relations for a company and so when dealing with the public you will invariable come across someone that will say “What did you just say?” Sometimes I just don’t talk loud enough, clear enough or they don’t understand my accent. But from time to time a customer will say “Could you hold on just one moment honey, while I turn up my Stockport hearing aids?” My answer is always yes, of course because I always wonder how what I am saying must sound like to them or what they think I am saying. I fear the use of certain words when speaking to people that are hard of hearing because I don’t want my use of a proper word to be misconstrued for an inproper word.

May 13th, 2014

Day after day I sat at my desk at work typing on the computer. Looking up information about different subjects. Some of the information I found could be used for the lawyer I worked for. Most days I would become so involved in my research on the computer and my typing that I would forget to get up and move around.
Every day after work I would go home feeling sore, stiff and tired. The hot bath I took every night would help out for a short time, but the stiffness and aches became worse as time went on. Finally I had had enough of the aches and pains and decided to check out about getting a thai massage Leeds. There was a place that I drove past every night after work. Stopping in there was the best thing I could have done for myself.

May 8th, 2014

I was in the mall on Black Friday like a fool. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

There was a blind man who had a massage table set up in the aisles next to the huts. He always had a line of customers. Not today. Today he sat on the floor petting his dog.

I asked him why he had no line on such a busy day. He told me he had been sitting on the floor all day. As he petted his dog, he told me his brother died on Christmas. He put his head down with a sigh. I put my bags down.

“Do you do thai massage Bristol?”

He looked up and motioned toward the table. The massage cost $20. I gave him $300. As I walked away, his dog barked at me, and I swear he nodded gratefully at me as I walked away.

April 5th, 2014

My name is Sarah cradle, and IT lied to me last week. I was picking up lunch with some office mates, when my phone buzzed me with a notice that my 2 pm meeting had been moved to 1 pm. I was going to be cutting it close so i decided to do the printing Manchester of my splash sheets from my phone in order to have them ready for me when i got back. When I got to the office, I ran to grab my copies and did not look at them before rushing into the conference room and passing them out. I began presenting until the room erupted into laughter. IT has taken my copies and replaced them with a hilarious fictional fact sheet directed at my boss. Since i can never get that sort of good humor out of other employees, I was definitely alright with IT’s prank.

March 29th, 2014

After breaking the glass top on a small patio table I decided to replace it with a craft. This is partially because I am cheap but more because I wanted something more unique. Rummaging though the garage I had my idea. I was going to use decorative aggregates and a quick setting concrete.

This was one of the easiest crafts I have done. I used the metal from from the old tabletop as a frame. I set it on a partial sheet of foam. Then I used the aggregates that had large flat side and arranged them in a pattern, flat side down, on the foam and surrounded by the mold. Then I just added my concrete and left it to dry and cure. In two days it was ready and when I flipped it over I had a beautiful, unique table top that can stand the weather and rough guests!

March 20th, 2014

Recently, my best friend decided to renovate almost his entire home. The guy spent thousands of dollars on each room of the house, which I find crazy. He purchased new Manchester blinds, amazing windows, and so much more. Without a doubt, I could not have afforded to do everything my friend did on his property. In fact, he took the renovations outside and added a few extra features to his property.

Beforehand, his home looked like a fairly upscale property. It looks like so much more than that now though. I doubt that better modifications could have been made. At first, I could not even recognize the property with its new additions and completely redesigned look. All of the work even made me want to try a couple renovations on my own house.