The Wonders of Life

Behold Us All

April 5th, 2014

My name is Sarah cradle, and IT lied to me last week. I was picking up lunch with some office mates, when my phone buzzed me with a notice that my 2 pm meeting had been moved to 1 pm. I was going to be cutting it close so i decided to do the printing Manchester of my splash sheets from my phone in order to have them ready for me when i got back. When I got to the office, I ran to grab my copies and did not look at them before rushing into the conference room and passing them out. I began presenting until the room erupted into laughter. IT has taken my copies and replaced them with a hilarious fictional fact sheet directed at my boss. Since i can never get that sort of good humor out of other employees, I was definitely alright with IT’s prank.

March 29th, 2014

After breaking the glass top on a small patio table I decided to replace it with a craft. This is partially because I am cheap but more because I wanted something more unique. Rummaging though the garage I had my idea. I was going to use decorative aggregates and a quick setting concrete.

This was one of the easiest crafts I have done. I used the metal from from the old tabletop as a frame. I set it on a partial sheet of foam. Then I used the aggregates that had large flat side and arranged them in a pattern, flat side down, on the foam and surrounded by the mold. Then I just added my concrete and left it to dry and cure. In two days it was ready and when I flipped it over I had a beautiful, unique table top that can stand the weather and rough guests!

March 20th, 2014

Recently, my best friend decided to renovate almost his entire home. The guy spent thousands of dollars on each room of the house, which I find crazy. He purchased new Manchester blinds, amazing windows, and so much more. Without a doubt, I could not have afforded to do everything my friend did on his property. In fact, he took the renovations outside and added a few extra features to his property.

Beforehand, his home looked like a fairly upscale property. It looks like so much more than that now though. I doubt that better modifications could have been made. At first, I could not even recognize the property with its new additions and completely redesigned look. All of the work even made me want to try a couple renovations on my own house.

January 15th, 2014

I went shopping with my mother right before the holidays to finish up on some Christmas shopping. My kids had on their list that they wanted matching new comforters for their beds. I found a really great sale and was able to get duplicate sets at 75% off. It was the best deal that I found all day!

We worked up an appetite while we were shopping so we stopped in and ate at one of the restaurants in the mall. The food was not that great, and our bill was pretty high. I will not be stopping there to eat ever again. The service was even poor, and we had to wait forever to get our drinks refilled.

The girls were so excited when they opened their sets, they immediately went into their rooms and put them on their beds.